Sustainability Services

We understand that productions come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a menu of services for productions to choose from so that they can craft a sustainability program that fits within their budget and meets their environmental standards.

Green Production Workshop

Timeframe: 1 Day
Personnel: Eco Supervisor
Equipment: None

A comprehensive background on the sustainable production movement, an overview on the barriers currently facing the sustainable production movement, and tips, tricks and resources for filmmakers to use to green productions from indies to big budget blockbusters.

Lite Consulting

Timeframe: Prep, Wrap
Personnel: Eco Coordinator
Equipment: None

Access to in-depth department sustainability resource guides, discounts on eco supplies, and carbon footprint assessment. Includes Earth Angel Eco Coordinator to assist with prepping for production and reporting during wrap.

Standard Consulting

Timeframe: Prep, Production, Wrap
Personnel: Eco Coordinator, Eco PA
Equipment: On Location Kit

Engage with all production personnel, a zero waste equipment kit for shooting crew, and incremental sustainability reports. Includes Eco Coordinator and Eco PA to manage sustainability program on set daily.

Plus Consulting

Timeframe: Prep, Production, Wrap, Strike
Personnel: Eco Supervisor, Eco Coordinator, Eco PA
Equipment: On Location Kit, Stage Kit, Office Kit, Shop Kit

Get the most in-depth and advanced reporting available on sustainability in the entertainment industry, zero waste equipment kit for shooting crew and support spaces, and asset repurposing services during wrap. Includes Eco Supervisor, Eco Coordinator and Eco PA to manage sustainability program on set daily.

Good Riddance

Timeframe: Strike
Personnel: Eco Coordinator
Equipment: Strike Kit

For productions who are cleaning out storage spaces and want to dispose of assets responsibly. Includes asset management crew and sustainability reporting.

Television Loyalty Program

Earth Angel is in the business of making the world a better place, and we want to make it easy for our clients to do the same thing. Earth Angel’s television loyalty program offers a compounding 5% discount on our consulting fee every time a series hires Earth Angel for a recurring season. For example, if we’ve already worked with you for three seasons, the fourth one comes at a 15% discount!

Referral Program

If you valued working with Earth Angel, and you know another production that would benefit from our services, you can take advantage of our new referral program! If you successfully refer us to another client, you will receive a 10% discount on our consulting fee for your next production.

Service Categories

In order to have a successful sustainability program, it is important to address the following categories:


Consulting Breakdown: Strategy

Customized sustainability strategy and hands-on cast and crew education.


Consulting Breakdown: Staff

On-the-ground implementation of sustainability strategy.


What is an Eco PA?

  • Qualified individuals recruited, trained, staffed, supervised and supported by Earth Angel.

  • Primary responsibilities are maintaining zero-waste systems and crew education.

  • Eco PAs are on production’s payroll, included on call sheets, and work with the shooting crew throughout the production.

(PLEASE NOTE: Eco PAs are the only staff members included on production’s payroll. The Eco Coordinator and Supervisor are internal positions at Earth Angel.)

Consolidated Experience

Our model allows productions to not only access our trained Eco PAs, but also the expertise of our entire team which includes an Eco Supervisor, Sustainable Materials Specialist, and Data and Analytics Manager. To hire each of these essential specialties individually would cost production up to 6 times more than Earth Angel’s services.

Third Party Verification

For a certification to be representative of a production or studio’s actual achievement and recognized by external stakeholders, it must be carried out by an independent agent making an objective assessment. Earth Angel is an independent company that is not beholden to any organizations or entities, which enables our assessments to maintain the integrity of an unbiased third party.

Consulting Breakdown: Stuff

Eco supplies, equipment, materials management, and repurposing.

Specialized Zero-Waste Equipment Kits

Earth Angel has undertaken extensive research and vetting to determine the ideal waste equipment kits for every type of production. We have distilled more than 200 products into several specialized zero-waste equipment kits designed to complement our sustainability strategies.

Supply Chain Solutions

Productions do not have the luxury of time when it comes to responsible procurement and disposal of products. Tapping into Earth Angel’s extensive network of sustainable vendors and material recovery partners allows for timely solutions to productions’ waste needs.

Consulting Breakdown: Stats

Data collection, analysis, and reporting.


*Production may choose to submit the PEACH themselves and pay an additional $150 fee to receive the EMA Green Seal award

Cost Benefit

The more information studios and productions have at their disposal, the higher the likelihood is of pinpointing and addressing the gross inefficiencies that result from the transient nature of production. Earth Angel has consistently shown that with the increased efficiencies that stem from full adoption of its program, productions can save money and cover the cost of sustainability consulting services.

Robust Reporting

More and more studios are requiring Environmental Impact Assessment reporting. You don’t need to be an expert in this field because Earth Angel is. Our robust analysis tools and carbon accounting protocol cover more than 60 metrics and are constantly updated and supported by the latest available data.

Potential Cost Savings

If cost is standing in your way of running a sustainable set, remember that being more sustainable really boils down to being more resourceful. The potential cost savings can be as high as the budget line breakdown below. In Earth Angel’s experience, these savings often more than make up for the increase in labor of bringing on an Eco Crew.

Case Studies

The below are examples of run-of-show cost savings by category from previous Earth Angel productions.