Sustainability Equipment

At Earth Angel, we understand that productions require specialized equipment that is durable, mobile and versatile. With this in mind, we have built out an inventory of rental equipment to meet production sustainability needs for every facility and location type.


We have found that standardization of bins, signage, and additional equipment is integral to the success of a zero waste campaign. By keeping our system consistent at every level of production, cast and crew members can be more easily educated about different waste streams and the proper ways to dispose of their waste. The following categories are how we sort waste in our standardized system:


Renting versus Purchasing

In this guide, you can find a breakdown of the cost to outfit every type of department and facility and examples of equipment and Kits. Kits can be purchased outright from Earth Angel directly or rented for a weekly rate.

Zero Waste Kits and Rates

Below you can find the cost to outfit each type of facility, either by purchasing or renting the equipment. Please note, the costs are to outfit one of each facility type. If you are interested in outfitting multiple facilities, please contact us to get a customized quote.


Eco Kits

Our kits have been designed to outfit productions with the tools and materials to support our work on set. Pricing depends on the length of the production.


Equipment Included in Zero Waste Kits


Eco Kits


We also offer these products to support your zero waste strategy.