Speaking About Sustainability

Emellie O’Brien (EOB) is a leader in the field of sustainable entertainment production. Her years of on-set experience and connections across the sustainability and entertainment industries give her a unique take on the current problems facing the sustainable production movement and valuable insight on how to address those issues. EOB is not only an environmental activist, but also an entrepreneur. Earth Angel is the outcome of EOB’s ability to harness the power behind the green set movement to build an industry-disrupting, and women-owned business.

The Programs

EOB is experienced in everything from leading workshops to giving keynote addresses. See basic speaker options below. Feel free to reach out for a specialized speaking engagement.


The Earth Angel workshop offers a comprehensive background on the sustainable production movement, an overview on the barriers currently facing the sustainable production movement, and tips, tricks and resources for filmmakers to use to green productions from indies to big budget blockbusters.


The environmental impact of entertainment production is enormous, with carbon emissions from production sometimes equating to the emissions from the transportation sector of entire cities. A keynote presentation by EOB will introduce and engage the audience with this niche field and inspire viewers to bring their experience to their work and share their new-found knowledge with their colleagues.

Panel Discussions

EOB loves to engage with other thought leaders in the fields of sustainability and production. Expertise in the field, knowledge of industry stakeholders, and connections across the industry, EOB will always bring a new and exciting point of view to a panel discussion.


Rates are for speaking engagements only. Client is required to cover the costs of travel, accommodations and ground transportation. Reach out to info@earthangel.nyc for more information on pricing.