Are you a non-profit?

No, Earth Angel is not a non-profit. We are a for profit and for purpose New York limited liability company.

(B-Corp and WMBE certification  coming soon)

What industries do you service?

We primarily service entertainment productions. This includes films, television shows, commercials and special events. Our reach is ever expanding though, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any specialty sustainability inquiries.

Do you only work on New York based shows?

Although based out of NYC, we are willing to work wherever our clients need us. We have worked on out-of-state as well as international productions and can apply our services around the globe.

Are you a waste hauler?

We are not a waste hauler ourselves but, due to of nature movie and televisions production, we do work with many different haulers. We enable productions to better manage their waste streams and divert waste out of landfills no matter what hauler they use. If you want to find out more about the haulers that we work with, email us at

What methodologies do you use to track a production’s carbon footprint?

The United States does not require entertainment, media or broadcasting to track or report its carbon emissions. Thus, making sustainability analysis a standardized practice across the industry is an integral part of the Earth Angel mission. Our data collection and analysis methodologies draw from various different models. Data collection processes varies depending on the information we are gathering. For waste collection, our team keeps daily logs of the amount of waste produced in all of the on set waste streams we manage. Information about individual departments’ environmental efforts is gathered from informational interviews with department heads and tracked throughout the production. Much of our data about the type and amount of certain products used (5 gallon jugs of water, post consumer recycled paper, etc.) comes directly from each individual production’s accounting department and vendor invoices.

The nature of carbon dioxide reporting makes it very difficult to precisely assess emissions, however we make every effort to estimate emissions as accurately as possible. For data analysis, we use a few different models including the Producer’s Guild of America Green’s (PGA Green) Carbon Calculator, Rock and Wrap It Up’s Whole Earth Calculator, and EPA approved conversion techniques. We prioritize transparency and accountability in all of our reporting procedures.

Are you hiring?

What a great question! We’re always looking for more Eco PAs. Depending on the time of year and how many projects we’re working on, we may not be able to offer a full time PA position, but we often need day players. Check out Join Our Team to find out more.