Eco Production Assistant

The Eco PA position is a flexible paid job ideal for people with production experience and a passion for sustainability. Eco PAs are Earth Angel’s boots on the ground that are recruited on a rolling basis. Their primary responsibilities are maintaining zero-waste systems on-set and educating the crew about sustainability initiatives. Yes, a majority of the work is digging through waste to ensure we divert as much as possible from landfill with the least amount of contamination in recycling and compost. Eco PAs are considered part of the Earth Angel team because they are supervised, trained, and supported by Earth Angel staff. However, Eco PA payment comes directly from the client they are assigned to work for, so they are technically not Earth Angel employees. After Eco PAs complete a free training and shadow sessions, they can be assigned to work on-set with Earth Angel clients as needed. (Please note, if you are looking to gain knowledge about on-set sustainability to take back to your own productions DIY style, please see our Eco Labs).

Think you have what it takes? The first part of our Eco PA application will ask some questions to see if you’d be a good fit.

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Staff Positions

Earth Angel is not currently hiring for any internal staff positions or internships. If you have an idea about how you’d like to get involved, please feel free to email us at