Trash Talk | Earth Angel's Fall 2016 Newsletter

City Launches Groundbreaking Sustainability Initiative for Film and Television Industry
Just a few weeks ago the New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment launched most extensive governmental film and television sustainability program in the world: NYC Film Green! This program will provide qualifying productions with a green seal to highlight all of their sustainability efforts and accomplishments. This is a huge, historic step to make New York not only one of the top cities for production in the U.S. but also the greenest. "As a global leader in the film and entertainment industry, NYC must lead by example when it comes to sustainability and waste reduction on sets. NYC Film Green will give production crews the tools and incentive they need to reduce their carbon footprint and be good neighbors in their communities," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. We applaud the Mayor's Office on their initiative and invite you to read the press release here.


Behind the Scenes: Greening Madam Secretary
Acclaimed CBS show Madam Secretary takes you behind the scenes of sustainable production. Thank you to the Producer's Guild of America Green Committee for shining a light on all of the great work that Madam Secretary does. Visit the PGA Green's Green Production Guide for more on how to run your set sustainably.


EA Sets Awarded EMA Green Seal
Congratulations to our 2015 green sets for being awarded an Environmental Media Association Green Seal for all of their great sustainability work!

Disney's Queen of Katwe
Season 1 of Showtime's Billions
Season 2 of CBS's Madam Secretary 
Season 1 of HBO's Vinyl

It was an honor to be help lead the sustainable production charge on each of these productions.


Earth Angel & Avid Waste PSA
Did you know that the film and television industry bring $8.7 billion to the New York economy annually? Avid Waste Services and Earth Angel teamed up to be featured in a recent PSA put out by NYC Media & Entertainment about the importance of the entertainment industry to New York's small businesses and economy. Check out the 30 second spot! Special thanks to our wonderful waste hauling partner, Avid Waste!


In Other News

Earth Angel teams up with TiM to work on their first project together! We're so excited for the work TiM is doing to digitize startwork and bring the entertainment industry into the 21st century. At the project's halfway point, TiM's paperless startwork has already saved the equivalent of 2 trees!


It was an honor be a part of the FIRST EVER sustainable production forum at the Vancouver International Film Festival in October! Hats off to Green Spark Group and Creative BC for orchestrating such a wonderful day of eco power! See a recap video here.



Earth Angel takes Amsterdam! We were thrilled to be a part of this year's ADE Green, the sustainability conference aligned with the biggest and greenest electronic dance music festival in the world. We were blown away by the incredible sustainability innovations coming from music festivals abroad!


See Earth Angel Founder Emellie O'Brien featured in Green Spark Group's short doc, Before the Box Office, a compilation piece highlighting the international breadth of sustainable production and featuring footage from Canada, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States to spread awareness in the motion picture industry. Fantastic work, Green Spark!


Save the date for EARTH (angel) HOUR 2017!  
Plans for our biggest lights-out party for the planet yet are already underway! Get ready!