“[instagram] Shoutout to @EarthAngelNYC for keeping our

set hydrated without stupid little partially-full plastic bottles

EVERYWHERE making me so mad and sad. Everyone here has their

own bottle and it’s their own damn responsibility not to lose it.

This team keeps us on point, wasting less, and being way

less assholesque. Every company should hire these guys.”

⁃    Olivia Wilde, Actress, VINYL



“When we did NOAH we knew we were making a film about the first

steward of the earth, and so we wanted to be good stewards ourselves.

There’s so much waste on film sets and because of groups like

Earth Angel, we were able to change that a little bit.”

⁃    Darren Aronofsky, Director, NOAH



“Earth Angel provides wonderful tools to save our climate

and to teach our staff how they can be more environmentally

conscious for future generations. Please join us!”


 ⁃    Lucy Liu, Actress, ELEMENTARY  



“There is an educational process that inevitably leads to everyone agreeing that
‘the way things have always been done’ is always subject to updating.
The things that we’re always focused on conserving in the process of making a movie
are time and money and to that we have to add environmental resources and that
the three are all inter-related. At the end of the day, in my experience,
by the end of a shoot everyone has absorbed at least part of that lesson.”


⁃    Peter Saraf, Producer, BIG BEACH FILMS



“Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures, estimated that the
[Amazing Spider-Man 2] team’s sustainability practices saved more than $400,000.”


 ⁃    The Hollywood Reporter