Whether you’re a production, a studio, a film office or a soundstage, Earth Angel offers a menu of services to implement, manage, and track your sustainability initiatives. We don’t only give you the resources you need to successfully reduce your environmental footprint, we are there with you along every step of the way.

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Integrated Consulting

We provide the STRATEGY, STAFF, STUFF, and STATS customized to meet your sustainability goals from start to finish.


PRODUCTION CONSULTING: You can think about this as adding an “Eco Department” to your feature film or television series.

SHORT-TERM PROJECT CONSULTING: Smaller scale production consulting for commercials, photo shoots, events, or similar short-term productions.

CORPORATE STRATEGY: Development of unified set of sustainability goals and guidelines to be implemented corporation-wide.

FACILITY CONSULTING: Sustainability infrastructure support for stages, offices, and studio headquarters through integration of environmental initiatives.


goodriddance_ (2).png

Asset recovery solutions for storage clean-outs. Earth Angel estimates the US film industry creates more than 500,000 tons of waste each year on production alone. With our GOOD RIDDANCE program, we make asset recovery easy, fast and affordable while helping transform the film and television industry into a zero waste, circular model.


Eco Labs

Learn from the best in these accelerated crash courses on sustainability and its role in the entertainment industry. Our ECO LABS teach you and your staff how to harness the power behind green filmmaking and build an industry-disrupting campaign. Join us to become part of the sustainable entertainment movement!



Zero Waste Kits

We understand that productions require specialized equipment that is durable, mobile and versatile. Rent or purchase EQUIPMENT directly from Earth Angel to outfit every facility and location type with what you need to run a zero waste program.