We recognize that every film production is different and therefore, we adapt our specific services and target areas based on the needs of the individual production. Our primary function is to implement and oversee sustainable systems within the existing structure of a film/TV/commercial set. For a production to have a successful sustainability program, it needs targeted interpersonal, material and technical approaches.


sustainable sourcing

education &

waste management &
reduction services

conservation &
alternative energy

carbon tracking &

resource management
& community outreach

    sustainable sourcing

  • Through our strategic partnerships with sustainable brands, we help your production source sustainable products through special discounts to ensure your production’s dollars are supporting eco-conscious companies (i.e. Nalgene, World Centric)

    education & engagement

  • We understand the demands of production and we help integrate sustainable practices into the existing structure of entertainment shoots so that going green isn’t a burden
  • We are your on-set resource for sustainable knowledge and we help educate crew members on environmental issues and practices. We incentivize eco-friendly behavior to make the entire sustainability initiative engaging and rewarding for everyone.

    waste management & reduction services

  • We match your production with LEED Certified waste haulers and provide detailed diversion reports on how much waste was diverted from landfills and where it went.
  • Specialty recycling services: electronics, textiles, hazardous waste disposal, construction & demolition.
  • Assistance with paper-less office solutions.
  • Implementation of plastic-free hydration on set.

    conservation & alternative energy

  • We monitor and evaluate your current energy and fuel usage and offer energy-saving and alternative fuel solutions

    carbon tracking & reporting

  • Our Eco Supervisors have been trained to use the Producer’s Guild of America Green’s carbon calculator. At wrap, we compile the data that was tracked from electricity use, fuel, commercial air flights, waste reduction, natural gas and heating oil to determine your production’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We also compile a comprehensive sustainability report, highlighting your production’s eco triumphs and areas for improvement
  • These reports are excellent publicity tools for studios/networks to advertise their environmental achievements through a corporate social responsibility lens

    resource management & community outreach

  • We work with every single department to help everyone strive toward zero waste. We help facilitate the donation of excess food, wardrobe, set decoration, props and raw materials to the local community. These tax-deductible donations keep materials out of landfills and help organizations in need, and prevent unnecessary hauling costs.


Earth Angel did not invent the concept of making film sets sustainable. What we did do was make that concept successful. How? By assigning a skilled laborer to that precise task. We are an industry of highly specialized professionals. Our crew of trained Eco Assistants and Eco Supervisors are no different. They are what set us apart - by giving producers the peace of mind that their set is being run in an environmentally sound way. From sorting trash to facilitating donations, the Eco Crew goes the extra mile to ensure there is consistency and accountability on every Earth Angel set.


• Strategize sustainable goals with all departments
• Monitor and record carbon tracking analytics
• Facilitate sustainable product sourcing
• Coordinate donation and material reuse efforts
• Vet and approve waste haulers and disposal methods


• Implement waste diversion and log daily waste output
• Educate and engage cast & crew on the production’s environmental efforts
• Facilitate daily donations of leftover food to local shelters
• Facilitate specialty recycling (i.e. electronics)
• Support and troubleshoot plastic-free crew hydration system