We understand that productions come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a menu of services for productions to choose from so that they can craft a sustainability program that is within their budget and meets their environmental standards.


Hands on cast and crew education

Recruiting, training, staffing and managing of Eco Production Assistants

Engagement tools, seminars and department-resources


Sourcing, rental, sale and management of zero waste supplies and equipment

Assistance with sustainable product sourcing and procurement

Coordination of material donation and responsible asset disposal


Data collection, analysis and carbon calculation

Cost-benefit analysis

Interim and overarching sustainability reporting

Offerings Overview

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We collaborate with our partners to ensure that the production sources as many of their materials as possible from environmentally conscious vendors across all departments. This includes compostable dishware, FSC certified lumber products and other building materials, non-toxic soaps and detergents, reusable water bottles, and more. 

Every set that is constructed, meal that is served, or costume that is designed is an opportunity to redirect excess resources out of the waste stream and into the local community. We assist with donation of props, set dressing and recovered food to local charities and community organizations and we provide resources on how productions can offset their emissions.

Consulting Tier Breakdown

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We consult productions on alternative sources of energy, and ways to cut down on energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. This includes switching diesel fuel use to biodiesel, converting to a hybrid vehicle fleet, renting solar powered equipment, encouraging LED lighting vendors, and more.