The entertainment industry has a trash problem. We are sorting it out.


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Who We Are

Earth Angel is the leading sustainability consultancy servicing film and television production in the United States, providing the STRATEGY, STAFF, STUFF and STATS to easily and affordably reduce the environmental impact of entertainment production.



What We Do

Since 2013, we’ve changed film and television production by…

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Reducing productions’ carbon footprint by over 7,800 metric tons.

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Avoiding the use of over 2M wasteful single-use plastic water bottles.

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Diverting almost 4,500 tons of production waste from landfills.

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Saving our clients a collective $1.1M gross.


Having trouble getting sustainability to stick on set? Need a crash course on how to green your set? Want to keep your valuable resources from being trashed at wrap?


What we’ve Done 

These are just some of our projects and clients.

 Who helps us

Earth Angel Ambassadors assist in growing our cause.




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