Earth Angel estimates the US film industry creates more than 500,000 tons of waste each year on production alone. With our Good Riddance program, we make asset recovery easy, fast and cheap while helping transform the film and television industry into a zero waste, circular model.

How it Works

  1. Site Visit

  2. Customized quote

  3. Inventorying and donation partner matching

  4. Pickup coordination and on-site management

  5. Last resort recycling and landfill coordination

  6. Report generation

Please note: we do not provide material transportation or storage as part of this service currently.

Sample Results

Good Riddance can have this much impact in just one warehouse*:

icons_0000_Layer 5.png

pounds of material donated

tons of CO2e avoided

worth of material kept out of landfill

net savings to production

*analysis based on the responsible disposal and reuse of materials from one 7,500 sq. ft. warehouse

Are you ready to responsibly manage your materials, save money, and simplify your asset management?

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